A fresh start

So, good things take time. Mistakes get made and lessons are learned. What started out as a fantastic adventure ended quickly because…. what?

And why should this new thing be any different?

Fortunately there is no magic bullet that promises success. If there was, everyone would do it. I also prefer the learnings that come from reflecting on the personal mistakes. These are the things that keep you awake and help understand more what needs to be done to make it better. Sometimes there is no option left than just to begin again, and if thats what you believe in, take the courage to make the cut and start again. So here we are, from three to two. Daniel and myself ready to try again and see where we can go from here.

Now if this sounds down, its not meant to be. Without knowing exactly what you want, its very difficult to move in any direction that feels actually like going forward. This is where I previously got caught, because soon enough there are discussions about what is the right thing to do and in an effort to try and keep everybody on board and please everyone, you stand still.

Which funnily enough helped. Because with staying still and becoming more and more frustrated with the lack of movement, I focused again on what it is exactly that I want to do, going back and reflecting on what was good in the first project and using that to refine the initial idea. Then sharing that with Daniel to see if that feeling is mutual. Thankfully it was, and an old idea on car price evaluations (ha old, this thing was only six months old then) was revisited and polished a little further, and while we were looking at that I had a simple thought for something else. This got us going again, but as smaller team. Ideas and conversation flowed quickly, and in the end, a product was created in a really short space of time, that even after being finished 3 months ago. I still look back at it and think, wow! we did that! Thats simply great! (Something highly unusual for me as, a) I rarely look back at previous work b) almost never have a feeling of complete satisfaction – there is always something you know in the back of your mind where a corner was cut, or something done on the quick and dirty, and although the customer might not know it, it enough because you know its there.) This is different. It made me feel proud and confident, that what we have is together is better, far better, than the sum of parts.

With that project then in our pocket we both want more. So here we are, a new streamlined team, ready to take on the world.

Bring it on.

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