App development

We started our first mobile app called putzich. To get a feeling about development we decided to try the ionic framework.

The results are quite good and development speed is as expected. We are now at a point where we discuss the first redesign and new features. Adding plugins in ionic is not the easiest part when using version 1.

But. Ionic released Verison 2 of the framework which is awesome. Lots of new features we want to use and play with but there is one thing which hits me really hard.

ionic 2 is based on angular2 which is a complete redesign of the framework. But not enough ionic and angular now selects typescript as their preferred programming language.

So a lot of new stuff needs to be learned. I have a sideproject which is quite small and seems perfect to get into the topics.

Stay tuned…


I played a lot with the new frameworks and struggled in dozens of error screens. All works perfect in emulation and on web but fails hard on the device. Additionally there are some real limitations on storing data on the device and handle the data. For my sideproject I will start now with real iOS development using swift. Don’t get me wrong. Hybrid app development with ionic is fun but has limitations.

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