Things go quickly, till they don’t…

Ok, ok, we managed to miss all of our own set targets and while it may look like nothing much is happening up front, we’ve been working hard on the back end  keeping things moving.

So , whats been going on?

  • Get permission from current employers to set up new company? Check!
  • Settle on a company name. Really? Really really?? no more changes after this??? Check!
  • Set appointment with Notary? (Gods this is getting serious.) Check!
  • Stick with final design and no more changes? Che.. Shit. Well maybe a tweak or three, here, there and ….No no stop it, we’ve got to finish this thing.
  • Make it ready for android – HAHAHAHA nope, well not yet…. won’t rule it out.

Well whats left to do then?

The answer is, not that much.

There is always polishing that can be done on the UI front.

There are some bugs, but nothing major. The biggest issue that we currently have is user Privacy. Now we don’t mind who sees what we’re doing in our households and when, but we understand that there are (not insignificant) amounts of people who have a different opinion. So we really need to set up a proper privacy system for those who want it. Then need to make it perfectly clear, understandable and usable.

Once we’ve got this done. we should be ready to publish. I can’t wait.



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