Its all in your head

We did it, finally, It feels like the first proper step into becoming a company.

Okay so today we were at the notary and set ourselves officially on our way to becoming a legitimate company. Our next official steps are:

  1. Create Bank account:
  2. Get money into bank account
  3. Pay everyone -except ourselves  (Notary, Bank, Handelsregister – Companies House)
  4. Wait for companies Nr.
  5. Sort out tax questionnaire
  6. Sort ourselves out with a tax advisor
  7. Get a trade certificate (Gewerbeschein)
  8. Get a tax id Nr

But in reality our next steps were

  1. Coffee!
  2. Lunch
  3. Take in the the sights
  4. More coffee
  5. talks about the current issues with the app,
  6. talk about future marketing steps
  7. Wonder in gods name how the finances are going to work

Seriously. Today was a great day. But not for the reason above. Even though we are business partners, we still live about 200 miles apart. Seeing each other outside of the office doesn’t really happen at all. In fact it takes an incredible effort to come up here and get this company on its way. For that we were given sunshine, 24°C, great food and funny company.

One of the comments that did come out of our conversation it that I seem to be my own greatest enemy. I tend to be quiet to people I don’t know very well , whilst I think about things that are said and the interactions of the people around me. So on the surface, it doesn’t look like I do very much, but then every so often I will come out with a complete firework display of ideas tailor made to include a personalised pitch to the person infront of me, before then retreating  back into thinking about the next set of steps. Again when creating a business, the thought of doing something like that was far more intimidating than the actual steps which in reality were needed. Although were not completely there yet -it now feels like crossing of the t’s and dotting the i’s. The first step, which definitely was the hardest only really meant leaving the comfort zone of my own head.


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