So, wheres the App?

We’ve been busy focussing on getting everything done which is required to setup a business, which has sort of pushed the development of the App to one side. On top of that we picked up a side project which is keeping the coding side busy. None of this is particularly bad per se, but it does give the feeling that the putzich development has slowed down somewhat.

What is has allowed me to do is to resharpen my focus on Putzich. In the times of stability where there are no major changes , I can get a better feeling for the long term use. Since Putzich is now well over six months old since its initial conception, I can think about what is there that I still like – a lot, and what feels off, stale or not quite finished.

So the good news is I’m really happy with the interface and how we gain user interaction. Its still feels simple and fluid. There is nothing that gets in the way and its all just where it should be. Great.

Where i’m not so happy is putztichs medium to long term appeal. I don’t feel there is enough coming back from the app to keep a persons interest for longer than a week. So this is the area we need to focus on. What is going to make it enjoyable for the user, and enriching enough for me to ensure that I want to come back and open the app each day.

Here’s our dilemma then. The App as it stands is ready. We could publish today and start marketing it. However the feeling is that this is not at its true potential. Even though the app is still fun to use,  we want to invest time in it to make it the best we can. If putzich is our showcase model, then of course it needs to be with all the bells and whistles. This takes time, but only then, when I think we’re happy, should  it be published. As a reader and a potential user, you deserve nothing less.

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