Progress, roadworks ahead.

Company Update:

We are now in what we believe are the final stages in getting the company properly formed. Heres a brief update on where we currently stand.

Completed issues:

  • We’ve sorted out the Notary and got the official founding documents back from them
  • Got the company bank acct sorted out. Thank you for Fidor bank for making this as painless as possible,  Company bank accounts can cost you alot of money, who knew.
  • The Companies Nr has applied and payed for (we’re now only waiting for the official reply together with our company nr )  Without this we can’t trade. 
  • Filled in the Questionnaire for the inland revenue.
  • Created a dev account for apple,

Open Issues:

  • Enrolled in apple development program (as soon as we have our company nr)
  • Register the company with the responsible authority (Need to check if this is done automatically through all the other paperwork)
  • Get VAT Nr. from Inland revenue
  • Find a Tax advisor – take tax advice

Each step of this is taking time. Not because we work particularly slow, but because this is done in our spare time and we want to be really sure of what we are doing.

I hope that by the end of the week we will have our companies nr and then the fun can begin.

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