Going live in

So having uploaded the app and got the approval from apple, what more could step between us and instant riches, fame and jet setting of to the Caribbean for the weekend, because, seriously, what else would you do. Well we missed a small detail that has far reaching consequences.

A small trivial detail,  like the tax authorities should know what we’re doing. More importantly I suppose, is that we want the tax authorities to know what we’re doing. We want to trade and for all our intents and purposes, we need a VAT  Number. With this number we will be able to set up proper contracts  bill correctly.

Well both of us have had very limited experience with the tax authorities. Heck working through my tax forms (hoping for a nice return) simply feels like a months worth of work. But company taxes, wow,  we were faced with the choice of getting a tax advisor,  an outlay that frankly we don’t want, or do it ourselves. My current understanding of the tax rules is like giving me a greek dictionary and 10 minutes in dark room, with the expectation that I can speak greek afterwards.  I have the feeling that learning it all might sound like the fast and the furious, but the output is more the speed of continental drift.

So long story. Short. Finance forms are at the tax office waiting for approval. When we have the VAT Nr. we will be fiiiiiinaaaallllyyy ready to go. Watch this space.


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