stuck in an age war

Goddammit, Finally! It looks like we have got everything together. Survived the inquisition like questions when it came to setting up agreements between apple? Check.  Fill out and understand the tax questions forms for business between the Unated States and Germany? err. wait a minute….. CHECK!

So why aren’t we there yet?

Age restrictions. were 17+ and seem to be holding.

This might be the dream for a few people when they pass 35, but this is a problem for us.

Initially we though because the app is always connected to the internet that it requires a 17+ rating. The truth is though there are many, many games (clash of clans anyone?) that require the internet and don’t have a 17+.

So we have to retract the current submission. Update the age status, wherever that might be and submit it again.

Lets hope this goes a a lot more quickly than the past 3 months…

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