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Having finally got the first version of the app through the door, its time to take a look at the small things that got put off. At some point you have to make a cut and say this is it, lets finish Version 1 first. Even when you know Version 1.1 has already got its head peaking round the door.

A few things from the current backlog that we want to address:

  • Improve the stability of the backend
  • add 3D touch to the putzich icon.
  • make swapping between friends and partner more seamless
  • Slight improvement to the comparison chart
  • make the email registration more robust
  • Unicorns???

That sounds great, but what exactly does improve the stability of the backend mean? Well personally I would like to have everything run a tad quicker, I don’t want to see status messages pop up every time I click on an action, So we working really hard on eliminating that and giving the user a real fluid experience.

We also changed the app listing from entertainment to productive, not because we are taking ourselves now seriously, rather because the chances of being seen in the app store when you competing with the likes of Flappy Unicorn III are slim.

We now have english texts for the app in the app store, for all those who naturally would have bought the app but just didn’t understand German. Now the translations are done in the back of my head so its more than possible that I got something messed up, or that there is a typo in there somewhere (of course I meant to write it like that! Sure sure…) But 5 € bounty to the first person who finds the typo and tells me about it.

The whole process of getting the app into the store now runs a lot smoother, so I am looking forward to getting regular updates in there and keeping you all posted on our progress.

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