Ein wichtiger Schritt aber noch viel zu tun

Man stellt es sich immer so leicht vor,  eine eigene Firma zu gründen. Es sind viel mehr Schritte notwendig, als man anfangs denkt. Zudem haben wir uns auch zum Ziel gesetzt, quasi zeitgleich mit unserer Gründung auch unsere erste App zu veröffentlichen.

Wie Paul bereits im letzten Beitrag geschrieben hat sind es noch einige Punkte, die wir erledigen müssen. Aber wir haben es bald geschafft.

Da wir an unserem Notartermin ein wunderschönes Wetter hatten, haben wir es uns in dieser herrlichen Location gut gehen lassen.

Der Mensch muss ja auch etwas Essen um Leistung zu bringen und das haben wir getan bei leckerem Flammkuchen.


Its all in your head

We did it, finally, It feels like the first proper step into becoming a company.

Okay so today we were at the notary and set ourselves officially on our way to becoming a legitimate company. Our next official steps are:

  1. Create Bank account:
  2. Get money into bank account
  3. Pay everyone -except ourselves  (Notary, Bank, Handelsregister – Companies House)
  4. Wait for companies Nr.
  5. Sort out tax questionnaire
  6. Sort ourselves out with a tax advisor
  7. Get a trade certificate (Gewerbeschein)
  8. Get a tax id Nr

But in reality our next steps were

  1. Coffee!
  2. Lunch
  3. Take in the the sights
  4. More coffee
  5. talks about the current issues with the app,
  6. talk about future marketing steps
  7. Wonder in gods name how the finances are going to work

Seriously. Today was a great day. But not for the reason above. Even though we are business partners, we still live about 200 miles apart. Seeing each other outside of the office doesn’t really happen at all. In fact it takes an incredible effort to come up here and get this company on its way. For that we were given sunshine, 24°C, great food and funny company.

One of the comments that did come out of our conversation it that I seem to be my own greatest enemy. I tend to be quiet to people I don’t know very well , whilst I think about things that are said and the interactions of the people around me. So on the surface, it doesn’t look like I do very much, but then every so often I will come out with a complete firework display of ideas tailor made to include a personalised pitch to the person infront of me, before then retreating  back into thinking about the next set of steps. Again when creating a business, the thought of doing something like that was far more intimidating than the actual steps which in reality were needed. Although were not completely there yet -it now feels like crossing of the t’s and dotting the i’s. The first step, which definitely was the hardest only really meant leaving the comfort zone of my own head.


Things go quickly, till they don’t…

Ok, ok, we managed to miss all of our own set targets and while it may look like nothing much is happening up front, we’ve been working hard on the back end  keeping things moving.

So , whats been going on?

  • Get permission from current employers to set up new company? Check!
  • Settle on a company name. Really? Really really?? no more changes after this??? Check!
  • Set appointment with Notary? (Gods this is getting serious.) Check!
  • Stick with final design and no more changes? Che.. Shit. Well maybe a tweak or three, here, there and ….No no stop it, we’ve got to finish this thing.
  • Make it ready for android – HAHAHAHA nope, well not yet…. won’t rule it out.

Well whats left to do then?

The answer is, not that much.

There is always polishing that can be done on the UI front.

There are some bugs, but nothing major. The biggest issue that we currently have is user Privacy. Now we don’t mind who sees what we’re doing in our households and when, but we understand that there are (not insignificant) amounts of people who have a different opinion. So we really need to set up a proper privacy system for those who want it. Then need to make it perfectly clear, understandable and usable.

Once we’ve got this done. we should be ready to publish. I can’t wait.



putzich – push „lazy“ user

We added a new feature to the app called „push“ or „anstubsen“ in german (which sounds strange but seems to be the common wording for that).

What does it mean ? Some people are interested in the app and play around with it and then they are stuck and don’t use it for reasons we do not know.
If a user is absent for more than 3 days there is the possibility to „push“ this user. This can only be done for friends.

What happens then ? Nothing really special. There is just an email send out to inform about that we miss the user.

See the screen for more details.

Current development status of putzich

We are quite happy that more and more beta testers join us using putzich. With their feedback we really got some new impressions we haven’t seen before.
Thanks for that.

But this also forced us to really refactor some parts of the app.

We added animations and new features to it and like it more and more. Here are some screen of the current status.


Redesign of putzich

We are working on the last features on putzich to move towards initial release. We are using the app daily and are quite happy with the results and the behaviour.

We already had a very early proof of concept version of the app which works great. The design was taken without any polishing from there. Since we are using it so often it seems that there is something missing. The design was cool but to be honest, didn’t really blow our minds.

So we decided to rethink some parts of navigation and views. First as a concept on codepen (we love codepen to bits when trying new things). The concept seems to work so we are now working on the implementation of the new things and really hope that you will like it as much as we do.

All about finishing things

We all have a lot of things to do. To get things done we use different helpers. Some of us use tools. To be honest there are a lot of tools in the world telling us how to get things done.

Most of them are way too complex or make creating and managing the todo itself a nightmare.  Managing a todo is waste of time.

I wanted a tool to be as simple as turning on the TV. Don’t think about categories or priorities of the todo itself. That’s why fings was created.

It is all about focussing on the things you have to do until a specific date. I am using it daily because it is quite simple and makes fun to use.  And it remembers me to get the fings landing page set up …

If you are interested in joining the beta test phase drop us an email to info@simplyui.de.


Fighting Fatigue

The end of the year is almost upon us and I hope its been good for all three readers out there. 😉

The past weeks I’ve been confronted with the question about how to carry on after the initial enthusiasm and inertia fades.

What I love about working with Daniel is the how he manages to simply keep up. If one of us has an idea, we can bounce it around in a couple of sentences so that we share the understanding of what it is we want, and within a day or two I’ll usually get a functioning version of what was asked for. Which by the way is then never really what I want, but the speed of it leads to excitement of possibilites and further discussion on how the feature should really be. The improvements follow just as quickly afterwards. It all creates a really continuous back and forth where development is in flow and I get to see something not just taking form but becoming quite highly polished in an incredibly short space of time. That itself creates a game of enthusiasm and inertia. The product becomes a veritable firework display of new functionality, enhancements and UI changes.

The problem comes when that cycle stops. It happens for any number of reasons, but when it does it can be incredibly hard to get back into the same sort of flow.

I recently hit this wall with our App. I took time to thinking hard over the past couple of weeks why.
The idea for the app is simple. The App itself has become a miniature work of art. But I found that I was ignoring it and was really trying to understand the reasons behind it.

The answer was relatively simple, I no longer engage with the app because i’m bored with it. It does what I want it to do. The solution is far more tricky, because I saw it as not just about how I deal with the app, but every users engagement. How do you keep a users interest high enough to keep on coming back? As the designer its a simple task to ask for new features or changes to be made. A normal person doesn’t have that ability and yet we expect them to come back each day and use it, how?

How about gamification? Turning the whole thing into a competition. Which can be effective, but housework is not really a game, so whilst it offered short term gains I actually found it annoying and more of a turnoff after a while. Then there is the shame game, the original app name was „you lazy dog” (or something close to that) and one of the parts was to show who had done the least and was hence the lazy dog. I wanted then to have the lazy dog title being posted then on Facebook. But both my wife and partner persuaded me that this would be development suicide. An other consideration, offer the user more configurations, increase the possibility of personalisation, this often comes with the expense of overloading the app and very possibly reducing the simplicity of use. And for me friction in an app is a killer.

I then was at the point where I thought the app doesn’t have legs for long term appeal. At the same time was given the answer for why it does. My wife had noticed that I was no longer using the app and that my commitment to the housekeeping had fallen back to original levels. This would not do. and I was told so accordingly. Get on it! Whilst it’s not a perfect answer in a technical solution, its the only real answer, having something is better than nothing, we just have to ensure that the usage of the App is as friction free and enjoyable as possible. People will engage and continue their usage. adding further features is nice but i feel will essentially only offer a short term distraction from the job that ultimately needs to be done.

Now then, whats next? Daniel was mentioning something about rewriting the backend and I have to focus a little more on marketing it. Lets see what the new year brings.

Happy 2017!